The Advantages

  • BMP-2 concentrations greater than 500 times the amount found in market leading allograft derived products (i.e. DMSs, Stem Cell matrices, etc.)(8)
  • Consistently high levels of a full array of growth factors, including but not limited to: BMP-2, BMP-7,TGF-ß1, aFGF, and ANG1(1)
  • Multiple formats (granules, putty, and compressible sponge) to match various orthopaedic procedures and surgeon preferences
  • Patients receiving OsteoAMP achieved solid fusion in less time than rhBMP-2 AND with less complications and expense(7)
  • The only commercially available mineralized products with bioavailable osteoinductive growth factors (OsteoAMP granules)
  • Validated double-sterile barrier and room temperature storage
  • Processed by FDA registered and AATB accredited tissue banks

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OsteoAMP is a new biologic growth factor technology that is proving to be a formidable alternative to rhBMP-2 and allograft derived stem cell matrices. Bone marrow cells are known to be rich in angiogenic, mitogenic, and osteoinductive growth factors such as BMPs. Until now, there has not been an effective method of accessing these growth factors. With the AMP process, we are finally able to make these growth factors bioavailable and utilize this untapped resource.

What is OsteoAMP?
OsteoAMP is an allograft derived growth factor. Through Advanced Biologics proprietary methods, allograft and its native bone marrow are processed, better preserving the naturally occurring BMPs and growth factors found within the bone marrow. This technique results in an end product that has shown to contain 500-1000 times the BMP and growth factor amounts of any allograft derived biologic on the market.

compressible sponge
compressible sponge